Sexual Organs

In my previous post I referred to an email I received from a friend. I spoke to him and he consented to me publishing his whole email here:

Dear Adam,

You asked me what I would like to see on a blog like yours. Here is my answer:

In my personal journey I’ve had many challenges. I’ve never spoken out about them and these secrets have been changing me and every choice that I’ve ever taken. I’ve never had the courage to speak my truth and set myself free, I’ve been held hostage within myself for many many years. Even after I came out as a gay man. I feel that, if I had more guidance to what the consequences are of keeping secrets that cut so deep, I would have been able to be true to myself a long time ago. I’ve developed issues of grandeur.

Even though I am happily married to a guy and we are building our life together, I’ve lost big parts of myself along the way. I’ve recently spoken out at a forum and by speaking my truth I came to realise how much damage I’ve done to myself being silent.

I’ve been lost most of my life because I could never relate to other guys. I always saw myself as less of a man because of my sexuality. I’ve put a limitation on myself by allowing myself to draw comparisons to every guy I’ve ever met, thinking that in some way they were all superior to me just because they have heterosexual sex. I realise that this is all bullshit and that any straight guy would enjoy relations with the same sex just as much as I realize that I could enjoy relations with a woman. But it is the limitations of humanity that categorised us all. Indicating that you must belong to either group and choice should be limited. I truly feel that if we could all cut the bullshit and be true to ourselves we would realize that bisexuality is the only orientation there is.

Sex in general is just an act of passion and an exchange of love and feelings. The person’s sexual organs have nothing to do with the deed as it is only a method of expression. There should be no reason for anybody to ‘come out’ as they never actually made a choice to go in? They were categorized by humanity and humanity’s sick idea of what is right and wrong. Then they made the rule fit every human out there, never mind personal circumstance or choice, so we are forced to ‘come out’ or state that we are gay when it really doesn’t matter.

I am working toward accepting myself as I am and getting rid of the label that’s been bearing down on me so heavily. When I meet you I don’t need to know if you are gay. So many of us have this very well rehearsed line, “Hi, I’m John and I’m gay”. How about society taking me seriously as a being and giving me the fair chance of happiness and let me introduce myself instead of my sexuality. The world we live in is a very superficial world. My sexuality and how I choose to express that love to the people I love is no one’s business. On a BLOG for fellow beings being scrutinized and dissected under society’s great microscope, I would like to say… please find yourself, not your sexuality. Your sexuality is only a small part of what makes up the bigger person. What you do in the bedroom does not define who you are! Please do not let what you prefer rule your life and blind side you because you’ve heard one too many bad jokes. Who you are is more important than who you choose to shag.

Be true to yourself in everything you do and be normal. You are normal! There is not a thing wrong with you and you are not doing anything wrong! You have been created the same as all people around you and you have the same urges as every single guy or girl out there, it is just that if you feel like you don’t fit in, it is because you are comparing yourself to a single opinion of a superficial idea of what normal means.

You are valuable in this world and you have value to add to someone else’s world. You have purpose, and a place in this world that belongs to you. By being true to yourself and not letting a word rule your existence, you take back the power of your purpose and journey on this earth.

I wish I could remove the hurt and anguish I know so many people experience, but I myself, 32 years old, only just found a glimmer of light and I want to tell you that I could have found this light much sooner if I was only honest with myself and had the courage to be myself and not my sexuality. I’ve been ‘out’ for 13 years, but I’ve only just became the man I was suppose to be before I allowed society to label me, box me and ship me off! You are powerful, you are special. Choose yourself and acknowledge your sexuality, but don’t dwell on why you feel different! You are not different in terms of sexuality, you just are!

Warm regards

Your friend

Wow! Powerful stuff!

I would love to hear your comments on my friend’s email.