Can I be your coach?

Are you an individual who are contemplating coming out of the closet or who have recently come out as gay? Are you scared or feeling unsure of this new life you are entering and would you like some support or direction? You need to make peace with yourself and integrate this new lifestyle into your existing life.

I am a Life Coach who is gay myself and who has already walked this road. I  went through what you are only now entering.  I am here to guide you  into this new world you are entering in a safe space. My aim is to help you integrate your new identity  with your established personality.

You need to make an appointment with me for a face to face session, where we can sit and discuss your unique situation and your unique challenges. A session lasts usually for more or less an hour. In this session we actively investigate all the challenges you bring to the table and together we work on a solution.

The benefit of coming to see me is to make peace with this transition in your life and to integrate your new lifestyle into your personality. You will work towards peace in your heart and acceptance of who you are. You will also be given the opportunity to deal with any minor issues coming your way (the major ones were already dealt with since you have decided to come out, right?).

The first thing to do is to contact me. You can do this via my Contact page, or via the contact details on my contact page. The contacts all point to me directly, with no middleman. Once I have received your private message, email or call, I can schedule an appointment for us to meet. We gan go forward from there on.

Please do not be shy or scared to contact me. I am a very open and easy-going guy who likes to meet new people. I would like to ensure you that I will treat our professional relationship with the utmost confidentiality and privacy. There is really no need to be shy or scared. I am here to help you.

So, click on that link and get in touch!